The Structure of the Mass



  • Lifting Up Our Hearts – Praying with the Third Edition of the Roman Missal
    Available from Evangelisation Brisbane online store.
    Provides an excellent background to the new translation of the Mass. Participant’s book (55p) and music CD (12 hymns used in the opening and closing prayers).
  • A Walk Through the Mass: Why We Do What We Do
    Thomas Richstatter OFM. Ligouri Press.
    A revision of the best-selling A Walk Through the Mass, this Catholic Update references the revised Roman Missal as it discusses all parts of the Mass.



  • Become One Body, One Spirit in Christ (DVD-Rom)
    The interactive DVD-ROM discusses the liturgical text
    of the Roman Missal. This resource uses video, text, graphics, and music to help the user enrich their understanding and deepen their appreciation of the Eucharist.
  • A Walk Through the Mass (DVD)
    Father Thomas Richstatter OFM.
    Explores the meaning of the Mass and takes a
    step-by-step look at the four principal parts of the Mass. Also features ‘Bread That Remembers,’ a parable of two brothers who become estranged and later reconcile.