Listed below are the twenty-five topics from the At Home with God’s People book.
Each page provides reference material for these topics.
Click on the topics below or on the list on the left.  For each topic there are suggested:

  • web sites
  • books and
  • audio-visual resources (eg DVDs)

There is also a general resource section and resources related to adult faith education and RCIA.


General Resources

Adult Faith Education & RCIA


Books can generally be purchased from your local Catholic bookshop, or borrowed from your parish or diocesan library. Many books are now available digitally from Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle or are available in other digital formats (eg PDF). Audio-visual resources may also be in a parish, deanery or diocesan library or resource centre.  Some resources can be purchased from Evangelisation Brisbane and a link is provided to the online store.

Contact your local diocese for information on borrowing or hiring resources. In the Brisbane Archdiocese contact ResourceLink, Catholic Education, 243 Edward St, Brisbane. 

These lists of resources will be added to and reviewed as new resources become available. Your assistance is requested to ensure that the information provided is up-to-date and effective. If you have used a web site, book or DVD that was helpful please send us this information and we will review the material. Please go to the ‘contact’ tab to provide suggestions on resources or improvements to the resource lists for any topic (e.g. ‘broken links’). Thank you.