Leader’s Guide

This site has been provided to enhance your role as group leader or catechist.

The first step is to familiarise yourself with the introductory material provided in the book:
Pages 4-6 addresses specific readers with suggested strategies. Pages 7-8 outline a process for using the resource.

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If you are a catechist for a RCIA group it may also be helpful to read online (or print a copy) of the The Catechist and the Spiritual Journey.

Further Resource

A book such as Facilitating for Growth by Barbara Fleischer (Liturgical Press) is an excellent guide to equip you for your role.

This book will help facilitators in their task of enabling members to participate fully in their group. The content and exercises of each chapter present practical information and methods to help facilitators deepen their knowledge of their role and hone their skills in group facilitation.