• Catholic Way to Pray: An Essential Guide for Adults
    Kathleen Glavich SND. Twenty-third Publications.
    Highly recommended for all Catholic adults, including catechists, parish ministers, and RCIA teams, especially catechumens and candidates. Sample
  • Do You Love Me? A Practical Guide to Catholic Prayer and Spirituality
    The Catholic Truth Society. (86p)
    Covering the themes of: Searching, Recognising, Experiencing, Conversing, Following, Choosing, this is not a dense theological work but a highly ‘practical’, hands-on text including questions for reflection or group discussion. An ideal resource for RCIA and parishioners seeking to deepen their prayer life and spirituality. Link to the full text.
  • Landscapes of Prayer:  Finding God in the World and Your Life
    Margaret Silf. Lion Publishing. (96p)
    This beautifully illustrated, contemporary book, explores 7 landscapes of prayer: the garden, the desert, the cave, the urban jungle, the mountaintop, the seashore, and the forest. All are fruitful areas for self-discovery, inviting us to connect with the mystery of God in our lives.
  • Personal Prayer – Living in Love with God
    John Trenchard CSsR. Australasian Theological Forum Press. (80p)
    A very attractive and helpful text on prayer. This book is an excellent introduction to prayer with practical examples and personal stories. 
  • God’s Love Poured Out - Prayers and Reflections
    (Free PDF Download)
    These are prayers and reflections to deepen our appreciation of the Holy Spirit’s clean action in our lives. Ideal for use in personal meditation; group sharing; prayerful reflections; for those involved in the catechumenate; and as a prayer accompaniment to ‘Themes for Discussion’.
  • The Breath of the Soul – Reflections on Prayer
    Joan Chittister OSB. (136p)
    42 inspiring and insightful reflections on prayer. Easy to read and practical suggestions to prepare for and engage in prayer.
  • Desires of the Heart – Prayers for Growing Faith 
    Bill Huebsch with Leisa Anslinger. Twenty-Third Publications.
    This book of 48 prayer experiences will help groups develop their relationship with God and become aware of the many ways they encounter God in their daily lives. The book offers prayers, Scripture readings, reflections, space for journaling, and song lyrics. Includes a CD of 24 popular liturgical songs arranged for use within these prayer experiences.
  • A Friendly Guide to Prayer 
    Rev Michael Whelan SM. John Garratt Publishing.
    In this beautifully presented and easy-to-follow book, readers will be guided to find the enormous riches and complexity of the Catholic prayer tradition; practical guidance to enable them to begin, or perhaps simply refine and deepen, their practice of prayer; as well as encouragement to go on exploring the possibilities in prayer for them personally, their families, friends and the wider community. 



  • The Liturgy of the Hours
    Here are two web sites that provide a daily and simple approach to prayer.
  • 3-Minute Retreat
    When you subscribe you will receive a daily email. You also purchase an app for smartphones or a tablet. Beautifully designed.
  • Sacred Space
    Daily prayer site run by the Irish Jesuits.


  • Divine Conversations (CD ROM)
    Evangelisation Brisbane.
    Prayer is an important part of our journey in life; it helps us to connect with God. Divine Conversations is designed to help young people connect with God through the discovery and practice of prayer. This CD ROM resource outlines 6 traditional forms of prayer which can be used by groups or individuals.