The Bible: The Word of God


  • The New Jerome Bible Handbook
    Raymond E. Brown, SS; Joseph A. Fitzmyer, SJ; and Roland E. Murphy, O Carm; Editors. Liturgical Press.
  • Download Books from Paulist Press
    Do you live in a remote location making it difficult for you to purchase books. Paulist Press now provides a number of their excellent books in PDF format that can be downloaded to your computer, e.g. ‘Invitation to the Gospels’ by Donald Senior, Paul J. Achtemeier, Robert J. Karris, George W. MacRae, and Daniel J. Harrington; foreword by Lawrence Boadt.
  • The Catholic Faith & Family Bible
    NRSV Catholic Edition. HarperCollins.
    The text is brought to life through notes and articles such as:
    - Act On It – encourages families to engage in something active that the biblical passage may inspire, such as works of mercy and justice.
    - Make the Connection – offers important facts about the Bible and shows how the Bible is relevant to Catholic family life today.
    - Meet the People – introduces the main characters of the Bible.
    - Pray the Word – offers simple prayers for the family to pray together.
    - Take It to Heart – invites families to reflect on a biblical passage and discover God's message for their lives.
    Additional features include book introductions, helpful articles and Bible reading plans for the family, tips on how to share scripture with children, cultural and ethnic perspectives on the Catholic faith, inspiring articles written specifically for Catholic teens, and a topical index to help families connect their faith to everyday events.
  • Path Through Scripture 
    Rev Mark Link SJ.
    This best-selling text is a complete overview of the Old and New Testaments. Teach the entire Bible with the thorough scholarship and personal applications that Mark Link is famous for providing.


  • The Friendly Guides series
    John Garratt Publishing.
    Designed to provide easily accessible information on themes fundamental to understanding the Catholic faith. Written by some of Australia's foremost scholars and theologians with texts which are clear, concise and readable. The Friendly Guides are bursting with colour and creativity. The format is attractive and engaging:
    • Friendly Guide to the New Testament
      Rev Francis J. Moloney SBD.
      Explores who wrote the New Testament, how it came down to us in its present form, what the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ meant for his followers, St Paul and the early Christians and how we can use the New Testament to deepen our faith. 
    • Friendly Guide to Matthew's Gospel
      Dorothy A. Lee.
    • Friendly Guide to Mark's Gospel
      Francis J Moloney SDB.
      Provides a foundation for any further study of Mark and the relevance of this gospel as we live our own modern lives.
    • Friendly Guide to Luke’s Gospel
      Stuart Moran.
      The author of Luke was an accomplished and sophisticated writer, with a keen sense of literary structure as well as a profound understanding of the universal nature of God’s love. Moran shows us that Luke’s special gift is to assert the Good News for all the people of the earth.
    • Friendly Guide to John's Gospel
      Mary L. Coloe.
      Where the Synoptic Gospels work from a theological framework of sin and atonement, John speaks of life and eternity life. This is an alternative approach to the meaning of Jesus’ life, death and rising.
    • Friendly Guide to Paul
      Chris Monaghan.
      Journeying into Scripture does not have to be difficult, tedious or academic. This easy to comprehend series has been purposefully written at an introductory level.
    • Friendly Guide to the Old Testament
      Marie Turner.
    • Friendly Guide to the Prophets
      Brian Boyle.
      Insights into the fascinating phenomenon of prophecy in Israel, as we find it in the Bible. Demonstrates the relevance of principal prophets of Israel, such as Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, and shows the fire of these extraordinary people whose messages to ancient Israel are still relevant and inspiring for contemporary believers.
  • Catholic Update Guide to the Bible
    Mary Carol Kendzia (series editor). Ligouri Press.
    How was the Bible written?
    Why is it important for Catholics?
    How do I begin to read the Bible?




  • St Luke – Come to the Table  (DVD)
    (BBI e-Conference) Talks by Archbishop Mark Coleridge DD and Sr Elizabeth Dowling RSM.
    Topics: Session 1: Why Luke Bothered; Session 2: The public Ministry of Jesus; Session 3: Parables in Luke; Session 4: You are Witnesses; Session 5: Communicating the Good News Today
  • The Vision of the Gospels (DVD set of 2) 
    Michael J. Himes. St Anthony Messenger Press.
    Disc One: The Gospel of Matthew (30 min.), The Gospel of Mark (29 min.)
    Disc Two: The Gospel of Luke (28 min.) The Gospel of John (33 min.)
  • The Biblicist I: An Introduction to the Bible 
    St Anthony Messenger Press.
    Here is a sweeping and understandable introduction to the study of the Bible, from Scripture scholar and professor Fr. William Burton. With his easy manner and clear explanations, Fr. Burton takes us on an exploratory journey through the Bible, helping us get to know the people, places, circumstances and consequences of the vast treasures of faith to be found in the books of the Bible.
  • Threshold to God's Word 
    Stephen J Binz. Twenty-Third Publications.
    Invites viewers to experience the Bible as the word of the living God, to put away their fears of reading it, and to make Bible reading a regular part of their lives: read the Bible both for information and transformation; understand what the text meant and what it means today; learn a method for reading that leads to reflection and prayer. 
  • Scripture Resources (DVD or audio CD)
    Catherine Upchurch and Dianne Bergant.
    This study on the Old Testament has 7 sessions, incorporating an introductory session and 6 lessons. The Study Set includes the Study Guide and a commentary ‘Israel's Story–Part One’. Website