The Church: God’s People



Catholic Customs and Traditions – A Popular Guide 
Greg Dues. Twenty-Third Publications.
From candlemas to the Easter candle, through relics and much more, author Greg Dues presents the richness of our Catholic heritage in a clear and engaging manner. With well-researched historical and theological grounding, this is a timely and useful resource for anyone with interest in the history and traditions of the church.

Many Marks of the Church 
Twenty-Third Publications.

This is a refreshing and contemporary take on what makes the Catholic Church Catholic. What ‘marks’ it as such? In addition to the four traditional ‘marks’: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic, the authors recognize many more. Thus they invited over forty authors and theologians to reflect on additional and contemporary ‘marks’ such as catechetical, biblical, ecological, charismatic, prayerful, intellectual, and sacramental.
Authors include: Diane Bergant, Mary C. Boys, Cardinal Avery Dulles, Robert Ellsberg, Thomas Groome, Thomas J. Gumbleton, and Monika K. Hellwig. 

Friendly Guide to Vatican II.
Max Vodola.
When the bishops of the Catholic world gathered in the Vatican in 1962 for the Second Vatican Council, they initiated a process of change which would restyle the way Catholics worshiped and celebrated liturgy. 

This Is Our Church: A History of Catholicism 
Michael Pennock. John Garratt Publishing.
Comprehensive, readable, and faith-filled portrait of two thousand years of Catholic history that highlights important events, people, trends, and teachings. Complete with photos, charts, and chronologies, reflection and discussion questions.

The Constitutions (Vatican II in Plain English)
Bill Huebsch. Ave Maria Press.

This volume paraphrases the texts of the four constitutions – on the liturgy, the Church, divine revelation, and the Church in the modern world – in easily readable sense lines and invites the reader to better understand and internalize the message of the council fathers in a spirit of reverence, prayer, and reflection.    



  • Who Cares About the Saints?  (DVD)
    James Martin SJ. Loyola Press.
    The author of the bestselling book My Life with the Saints, introduces you to his favourite Catholic saints in this exciting new saints DVD, which combines his lively commentary along with dramatic photos and artwork that bring to life the lives of the saints. This saints DVD features Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, Joan of Arc, Francis of Assisi, Mother Teresa, Ignatius Loyola, Bernadette Soubirous, Pope John XXIII, Therese of Liseux, Joseph, Peter, and Mary, mother of Jesus. (139 mins)